From the darkest depths of the deepest oceans … from the planet’s most primeval and primordial past … throughout all of history and around the world …

Toothy, chompy monsters want to eat you.

We’re talking apex predators here. We’re talking aquatic horrors and ancient nightmares. Lake myths and lost worlds. Time travel! Science! Violent confrontations and unholy combinations! Magic and mystery, mutation and meddling!

We’re talking thirty-seven weird works of fiction and poetry. We’ve got sharks. We’ve got dinosaurs.

We’ve got …


shark 2

Featuring my story ‘The Mermaid’s Purse’, a twisted tale of urban horror. Mikey and his mum take a trip to the seaside, bringing back a most unusual souvenir…

Available to order now on Amazon in paperback for £12.45

Available in multi-format e-book on Smashwords for just $2.99 (compatible with Kindle).

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