This is a public service announcement on behalf of Burdizzo Books.
Ghosts in the machine? Killer currents? Demonic disturbances?
Then you need Sparks
Keep your family safe from bulbs and batteries that go bump in the night by reading Sparks. Through these electrifying tales of horror, sci-fi, bizarro and fantasy visit post-apocalyptic nightmare worlds, listen to recordings of the dead, feel the friction of electric lady love and be struck by lightning from the past.

15 tales of electrical horror including The Rape of Ivy House by Em Dehaney

Her fingers brushed against a door and she reached down for the handle. This would be the room known as the parlour, used in Victorian times for entertaining and high tea. The stiffness of the door in the frame suggested it had not been visited for some time. She gave it a shove and a gust of stale air puffed out. The room was in black, with only a slit of light coming from edges of the thickly curtained window. Anita took four paces across the room and ripped the drapes open in a flurry of dust. She coughed, her eyes tight shut, tears streaming down her cheeks. When the wheezing and spluttering subsided she opened her eyes, expecting to see a room crammed full of worthless trash. Instead, she was staring into the eyes of a young child.

Available NOW on Amazon just £3.99 for Kindle and £9.99 in paperback with ALL proceeds going to Resources for Autism.

Plug in, turn on, tune in and get buzzed.
Sparks – it’s alive!

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