Stories Of The Dead


My New Orleans zombie story ‘After Us, The Flood’ can be found in Stories Of The Dead: A Tribute to George A. Romero, along with 18 other spine-tingling, brain rattling Romero inspired tales.

“The dead never stayed buried in New Orleans. The rich built houses to store their cold ones when the end came, to stop the tide of bones. But, of course, not everyone can afford a mausoleum. The poor still had to place their dead lovingly into the damp earth. Bodies interred below sea level had a habit of appearing again whenever Lake Pontchartrain flooded over. Coffins would come poking up through the sodden earth and embalming fluid flowed through the streets like blood.
No, the dead never stayed buried in New Orleans.”

OUT NOW!! Just £1.99 for Kindle and £8.00 for paperback at Amazon 

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