The Searcher Of The Thames

After almost 5 years, numerous edits and re-writes, and getting down to the last 20 novels out of 1800 in the Gollancz open house competition, my debut novel The Searcher Of The Thames is finally here!

It is an urban-fantasy, filled with plenty of magic, mystery and murder, but more than that, it is a love letter to my home town of Gravesend, and to my 1990s youth.

It is also a book about family and friendship, two subjects that are forever close to my heart.

You can order your paperback or e-book from Amazon here.

mobi cover

I hope you enjoy reading about Tommy Lawrence, and the band of larger than life characters that inhabit my vision of this historic riverside town in North Kent, as much as I enjoyed writing about them.

And if you REALLY enjoy The Searcher Of The Thames, never fear, I am already working on the sequel.

The Lady Of The Dead is coming…

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